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MFC Fight Zone

MFC Fight Zone has established itself as the leading MMA fight promotional organization in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. MFC Fight Zone holds 11 events a year in Kwa-Zulu Natal – South Africa with 4 MFC broadcast productions, 4 Ground Quest tournaments and 3 SHURIKEN Dojo Ams.



Hosting both local and international events over the past 10 years, MFC continues to raise the bar at every event and to showcase the enormous pool of talent in the mixed martial arts industry in SA.

MFC has been instrumental in creating dozens of South African champions, some of whom have made successful careers as professional athletes both at home and abroad.

Having a close link to Shuriken Fight Series in New Zealand, new avenues are being opened up to bring more overseas athletes to our shores to test the mettle of the South African athletes.

MFC bringing you all the excitement and drama of full contact fighting among SAs established and upcoming MMA athletes.

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Shuriken Dojo Ams was founded by Shihan Larry Vorster in 1991. Martial Arts clubs and dojos were crying out for structured, organised competition aside from the occasional club tournaments.

Shihan Larry hosted hundreds of Kickboxing only tournaments until the event of Mixed Martial Art in the country.

In the beginning many athletes were skeptical of entering the “No Rules” matches as they were known at the time, but by ensuring the overall safety of the athletes, more and more competitors flocked to the events   hosted under the SHURIKEN banner.

Presently the SHURIKEN Dojo Ams are held at the Train Gym in Durban every 3 months. Participants  can compete in the Boxing Ring and Cage according to whatever discipline they are fighting in. It is at these Dojo Ams that Shihan Larry and his team identify potential athletes for the more prestigious and televised MFC events.

S.A Champions have emerged from these humble beginnings, and some have gone on to become professional and international competitors.

Ground Quest

Amidst the glamour and enthusiasm generated by the Kickboxing and MMA contingent competing at the SHURIKEN Dojo Ams events, a voice was heard crying out for the Grappling/Jiu Jitsu fraternity to have their own specialized competitions to highlight heir own particular talents and abilities on the mat. So Ground Quest was born.

A suitable venue with a large matted area was required, and this was found at Gladiators Academy premises in Pinetown – Durban. Since locating premises Shihan Larry and his team have staged 1 tournament every 3 months since 2014.

Once again the MFC talent scouts are constantly looking for potential athletes for upcoming events, and many capable and successfull athelets have started at these matches, competing at the SHURIKEN Dojo Ams and MFC events with great results.

GroundQuest Grappling rules


Shihan Larry Vorster (6th Dan)

Shuriken Karate and Kickboxing was started in 1980. This became Shuriken Kickboxing only and the organisation flourished with 11 dojos operating throughout the whole of Kwa-Zulu Natal. South Africa.

Shihan Larry hosted the first “No Rules” competition in Kwa-Zulu Natal at Night Fever night club in Durban on 22nd January 2000. The “No Rules” events took off like wildfire and “FightClub” was born. This was the premium brand of the new fighting sport to take the country by storm. Events held in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Chatsworth, Empangeni, and  East London followed and great interest was shown for the FightClub brand.

In 2007 Shihan Larry was approached by two investors from Gauteng and a deal was tabled and  “Fight Force” was born. This was to become the premier brand at the time with events held in Durban, Gauteng, Pretoria and Cape Town.

After enjoying great success over several years Shihan Larry moved on to run MFC Fight Zone which captured the MMA market in Kwa-Zulu Natal with events being held at Sun Coast Casino for several years and moving on to Sibaya Casino for a further five years and now based the prestigious Greyville Exhibtion Centre for 3 years running.

At this time Shihan Larrys son Jason Vorster relocated to New Zealand and carrying on the tradition, established “Shuriken Fight Series” as the leading brand in Auckland producing several national champions. Having this international connection, MFC Fight Zone has been able to bring New Zealand athletes to South Africa and send our athletes to compete overseas, establishing strong ties with the New Zealand MMA community.