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MFC 110

Sun 1st September 2019 - 4:00 pm

Greyville Convention Centre

2019/09/01 4:00 pm


MFC 108


MFC Fight Zone will see the return of Boyka Kibongo from GBH. Kibongo who absolutely destroyed his opponent at MFC 98 in the 1st round looks to once again totally dominate from start to finish. Sipho Fodo from Black Dragons is set on showing Kibongo that even the mighty can fall. Will Fodo be able to defend and counter the onslaught or can Kibongo once again annihilate what stands in his way.

Former MFC Lightweight Champion Andile Gasa has dropped a weight division to face the ever dangerous David Mambo. Does Gasa have what it takes to compete in MFC Fight Zones most stacked division or will Mambo maintain on this level for a chance at the Featherweight contendership.

Ceiliegh Neidermeyer from Domination in currently on a winning streak and sets out to prove her time for contendership is near. Yolande Miles from Black Dragons looks to change Neidermeyers plans. Can Miles with stand up skill hard to match claim the W over Neidermeyer, will Miles break the streak?