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MFC 110

Sun 1st September 2019 - 4:00 pm

Greyville Convention Centre

2019/09/01 4:00 pm


MFC 110


Undefeated. Not many athletes at MFC can say that. Dylan Swanepoel can. On Sunday the 1st of September he plans to not only stay undefeated but also become the MFC Featherweight Champion. Andrew Caruth “The Lion”, current undefeated MFC Featherweight Champion welcomes the young and explosive Swanepoel. Will the experience and precision of Caruth prove once again why he holds the belt or can Swanepoel somehow traverse and come out victorious.

Cameron Wright has to be one of the most relaxed athletes in MFC. Wrights swift display of ground technique has seen him casually win within the 1st round, but will that be enough to endure the onslaught from Gary Clayton. Clayton known to power through his opponents with accuracy and easy. Will Wrights ground efficiency be effective enough to get the W or does the energy of Clayton prove to be overwhelming. Only one of these athletes can be crowned the new MFC Welterweight Champion.

Nkosi Mphakati. A dangerous athlete fighting out of GBH, Mphakati is unforgiving in his style of MMA, he simply doesn’t give his opponent the time to move or consider a plan B, he hunts like no other. Nkosi Doyisa seems unfazed by this risk in the cage only because Doyisa has outsmarted nearly all of his opponents through quick adaptation and lighting fast defense. This Fight for the MFC Middleweight Title will be war.