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MFC 112

Sun 1st December 2019 - 4:00 pm

Greyville Convention Centre

2019/12/01 4:00 pm


MFC 112


On Sunday the 1st of December MFC 112 will see the return of its PRO division. MFC welcomes two respected, well know and well rounded MMA athletes to the cage. The skill set of both Cameron Meintjies and Wade Henderson is nothing short of amazing. Meintjies with ground game that is second to none looks to overwhelm and overcome the rage and power of Henderson. Henderson with hands hard to match, looks to make his come back look easy. Who will claim the WIN of the inaugural PRO fight?


Tapiwa Katikati with out a doubt the hardest and toughest athlete in the MFC Lightweight division with a record as impressive as his skill sets. Katikati a former MFC Champion will look to claim what he says is rightfully his. Answer Doyisa will indeed look to upset the plans and dreams of Katikati. Doyisa known for his heart and courage in the cage has made quick work of his last 3 challenges, feels this fight is no different from the those who came before. A NEW MFC Lightweight Champion will be crowned.


The MFC Bantamweight Title has stood vacant long enough. Sam Homan and Tyreece Richards have earned thier shot and both athletes are hungry and more determined than ever to show that one of they will become the undisputed Champ. Homan has annihilated his last 2 adversaries and shown he has an all round skill set that will prove to be more than a challenge for Richards . . . But the lightning speed, technique, strength and precision of Richards hands is undeniable. Will Homan stand proud and claim what he has worked so hard for? or will the talent and determination of Richards prove why he deserves to be the Champ.


Dylan Swanepoel plans to not only stay undefeated but also become the MFC Featherweight Champion. David Mambo has other plans for Swanepoel. Mambos dynamic style of fighting is unquestionably unique and nothing Swanepoel has ever faced.  Will the experience of Swanepoel prove once again why he is undefeated at MFC? or can Mambo somehow traverse and come out victorious.