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Who will be victorious? Who will claim what is rightfully theirs? Who will prove they are the best? Who has what it takes? Who will be champion?

MFC 100, A milestone in the Mixed Martial Arts industry in South Africa. From its inaugural debut in 2003 MFC Fight Zone has grown in leaps and bounds, allowing hundreds of MMA fighters to exhibit their skills on a competitive level. Many of these athletes have gone on to compete on a professional level and ply their trade at overseas events. With the procurement of television coverage, MFC has reached an audience of over 2 million viewers and broadened the horizons of fighters profiles and sponsorships.

We take a look back at one of our Fight Club events held in Durban at Sun Coast Casino on the 4th of September 2005.

Feature Highlights

Rhyne Hassan head coach and owner of GBH.
Kevin Thomas VS Bonga Hadebe